Vote for Vince Peddle PPC Milton Keynes South.

  • My name is Vince Peddle. I represent the UK Independence Party as parliamentary candidate for the Milton Keynes South constituency.

    I have lived in Milton Keynes for almost 40 years. I have always seen Milton Keynes as a great environment to live, a very vibrant town. The development of the town managed by the Milton Keynes Development Corporation was superb, however not so the management since then by Milton Keynes Council. 

    Milton Keynes Council have failed in so many ways over the years; failed on maintaining the quality and safety of our roads and redways; failed on the correct management of housing developments; failed on providing a good recycling service; failed on dealing with the growing problem of homelessness; failed to provide a reasonable bus service; failed to provide safe and secure taxi licensing; failed to maintain a decent level of education for our children, failed to provide sufficient free parking in CMK… the list goes on.

    I joined the UK Independence party as a member in 2009. At the time I felt that because of my disappointment with the way the country was run, it wasn’t good enough to simply complain about things, but instead I should do something about it. When I looked at the UKIP website I was impressed at how many policies I agree with.

    I am disgusted by the behaviour of the Westminster elite and establishment media. The peoples’ wishes have been ignored by the political class for far too long. The members of parliament and councillors of today should act on behalf of the people, they should not be dictating to the electorate what is best from a party political perspective. 

    It is true to say that the EU referendum and Brexit was delivered by UKIP. However Brexit has not been and never will be delivered in full by the Tory government. They have turned Brexit into a political parlour game, the only priority being the preservation of their own careers and positions. The Labour and the Lib Dems parties could do no better. It is time for the everyday man to take control of our future. UKIP are the only party in touch with the working man. UKIP remains relevant as a party and will do for years to come.

    I was born and raised in North West London, one of four children and was educated at one of the largest comprehensive schools in London. It is true to say I enjoyed a multicultural society during my childhood. Today we do not have multiculturalism, we have a multiple culture society, where integration is not encouraged or practised. This is the result of mass uncontrolled immigration. Our communities have been overwhelmed by it and have changed out of all recognition.

    During my time in Milton Keynes I have raised four children, all of adult age now and leading successful lives, all living in the local area. Having them close to me is important as I believe very strongly in family values.

    My career has developed well over the years in Milton Keynes. I am currently working for a Japanese company as a senior engineer and technical support specialist. One of the great things about the company is that I work with people from all nationalities. It has given me a good experience and understanding of many different cultures, both European and Japanese. I have had the pleasure of visiting many countries in Europe as well as numerous visits to Japan - a country which I find fascinating.
    My interests include politics, reading, cycling and cinema. For leisure I like to walk, and in Milton Keynes we are lucky enough to have a great redway system. I have in past years conquered Scafell Pike, Snowdon and Ben Nevis, something I would love to do again. My passion is football, I am a Spurs fan from my origins in London, but I also have a season ticket with the Milton Keynes Dons, along with my three sons.

    When you are preparing to vote, I encourage you to read the UKIP manifesto, and the various policies outlined on this website. Most important is that you understand UKIP and make your own decisions, because the media will not paint a fair picture for you. Remember it is UKIP and not Labour who truly represent the working man.

    Please feel free to contact me by email with any

    For any journalists who may be reading this: No I am not a racist.

    Kind regards
    Vince Peddle