Vote for Andrew Cole PPC Milton Keynes North.

My name is Andrew Cole. I will be representing UKIP as Parliamentary candidate for Milton Keynes North constituency.

Although not born in North Buckinghamshire, I moved here in the early seventies. I grew up and went to school here, and I love this area. This is home.

I work in the construction industry as a project manager. I travel much of England weekly for work, from as far south as Hampshire and Kent, to as far north as Norfolk, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. My work takes me to many housing estates, and involves liaising with a very broad range of people; from residents to contractors,  solicitors, designers, ecologists,  housing developers, water / sewerage undertakers, councils and planners. I like interacting with people, so this work suits me.

Having grown up in a village, I have a close affinity with the countryside, and I am keen to keep as much of our rural environment as possible. 

I joined UKIP in 2015. I had been disillusioned with politics and politicians for quite some time. Eventually, inquisitiveness led me to take a look at the UKIP manifesto. 

Previously, my knowledge of UKIP was restricted to what I learned from the television news. I found a totally different party to that which was portrayed. I found a party with a whole range of policies on all of the key issues, much of it just good common sense, but also much of it quite innovative. I now no longer have a television, what a blessing that has been! I also met some nice people by the way.

Whichever way you vote, I ask that you take the time to read the various manifestos. Who knows, it may just reveal some things that are more interesting than you might think. Be guided by your own head / heart / instincts. Above all, please vote for whichever party you believe in; through a wish to make things better, not through fear. 

If you wish to contact me, please feel free. My e-mail address is

Kind Regards

Andrew Cole