The UKIP Milton Keynes Branch is always looking for new members.

UKIP members are the people who vote, spread the word, recruit and contribute in many other ways.

Why not join the "peoples army", we could really use your help:

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  • Public Meetings with interesting and well known speakers.
  • Distributing leaflets around the constituency, or canvassing for Elections.
  • Sending Newsletters by mail or email to our members.

  • By attending our meetings and functions to meet other members.
  • By introducing family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues as new members.
  • By helping us distribute leaflets door to door, with petitions or with canvassing at Elections.
  • By contributing to our finances when you are able, or by regular Standing Order.
  • By joining our Committee.

If you can help with any of the above or have any other ideas, please get in touch with one of our Committee members, whose names and contact details are available on this web site.

Members receive a membership card, information pack and access to a members' online resource.
Members will receive personal invitations to local events, and a regular full colour Newsletter.
Membership will entitle you to play an active part in selecting UKIP candidates for Local, National and European parliamentary elections.

Just click on the link at the top of this page and when the form opens in another window and follow the instructions.

The party believes that Parliament should be directly and solely accountable to the electorate of the United Kingdom, not subservient to the institutions of the European Union. Continued membership of the European Union is incompatible with this principle. The party will campaign to restore accountability in government and to re-establish the electorate's confidence in our democratic institutions.