Welcome to UKIP MK, the Party putting people first!

Due to UKIP popularity and campaigning over 20-plus years we were offered a Referendum on EU membership.

The British people made clear their decision in the EU Referendum and we expect the politicians of whatever party to deliver. Three years ve passed!

UKIP has developed attractive policies for Britain once we leave the EU: we are not a single issue party.


This is a message from the UKIP MK Team regarding the general election of December 2019

Whatever you are told, this election is about the UK leaving the EU. People might try to confuse the issue by highlighting other topics but this is just a smoke screen designed to take your mind off course. All other issues can be addressed once this election is over and a new government is in place.

You must decide whether you want to be governed by Brussels or the British Parliament.

Our mutual objective is to get sufficient Leave MPs in the Houses of Parliament to enable the Conservatives to discard any deal and to leave the EU as 17.4M of us voted for. Both of their MK North & MK South candidates voted to Leave in 2016.

The remainers have formed an alliance and it makes sense to do the same. We realise its unpalatable but in some battles alliances can be the only way to win; it has taken UKIP 25 years to get this far - politics is a long game.

UKIP Milton Keynes have decided not to stand any candidates in the forthcoming 2019 general election in the best interest of the Country.

Deal or no deal

UKIP Leader Richard Braine on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement